Do you notice AEDs in your community?

If you’re at work, out shopping, working out or participating in your everyday activities – could you find the AED immediately if someone were to need it?

I’m the mom of two girls with Long QT and I wasn’t in the habit of noticing AEDs when we were out of the house. It sounds kind of crazy, right? If one of my little girls were to experience cardiac arrest, the fast use of an AED is their best chance of survival – and I didn’t know where they were!

If we needed one, my first step wouldn’t be to get it, my first step would be to find it.  

Becoming more aware to keep my kids safe

A light bulb went off one morning when I was with my family eating breakfast at our favorite country store. I saw an AED on the wall right over my daughter’s head and realized I felt good knowing it was there. It addressed an unknown I hadn’t realized was lurking in my subconscious.

Since then we committed to looking for them at our other regular spots: the grocery store, pharmacy, play places, libraries…

As SADS families, you understand how important this is, too. Maybe you’ve been hyper-aware for years, or maybe my story strikes a chord.

It isn’t just about us, though. We all know that cardiac arrest can strike anyone – at any age – without any warning signs.

What good are AEDs in the community if we can’t put them into action immediately?!

Making our communities safer for all of us

For each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival falls 10%. Let’s not waste time looking when we could be acting to save a life!

Selfies With AEDs is a social media campaign designed to get people into the habit of noticing where the AEDs are in the places they visit most frequently. Then, if an emergency occurs, they’re ready to jump to action – whether for their own child or for the stranger who needs help. By participating in Selfies With AEDs, people become aware of the AEDs around them.   

It’s super simple:

  1. Look for an AED wherever you are
  2. Take a selfie (pets, kids, groups included!)
  3. Post it on social media and tag @SelfiesWithAEDs.

If tagging isn’t your thing, just send it to us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or email it directly to Melissa at

Selfies with AEDs

Want to help launch a movement that will make all of us safer in our communities?

Follow/like us and invite your friends onboard, too. Then post your selfies and keep ‘em coming!

In just under one week, we’ve collected selfies from schools, airports, churches, restaurants, workplaces, government buildings and more…

What are you going to add to the mix?