Say THANKS to Dr. Ackerman!
Support the life-saving services of the SADS Foundation!

We will be announcing this SURPRISE on October 27th at the 11th Annual International SADS Foundation Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Join us in showing Dr. Ackerman our heartfelt gratitude for his distinguished services for families with SADS conditions. Your name will be listed as a donor for the conference presentation.

This special fund has been established to celebrate the more than 10 years that Dr. Ackerman has served as the President of the Board of Trustees for the SADS Foundation as well as the lifetime accomplishments of Dr. Ackerman and his limitless care for our SADS families.

From receiving the 25th Young Investigator Award – Society for Pediatric Research in 2007 to receiving the Distinguished Pediatric Investigator Award – Mayo Clinic and the Distinguished Scientist Award – Heart Rhythm Society in 2018, Dr. Ackerman has significantly advanced research within SADS conditions and improved the care of families with SADS conditions.

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Read more about Dr. Ackerman’s achievements here.