In October, the SADS Foundation held an opportunity drawing for an AED, which was generously donated by American AED, part of the One Beat Medical & Training Family. This drawing raised over $2,600 for us here at SADS – thanks to everyone who entered! Learn more about the winner, Mary, below.

The winner of our AED drawing this National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month doesn’t plan to keep the AED for herself – instead, she’s passing it along to a family in need.

Mary Niu, a pediatric electrophysiologist at the University of Utah Primary Children’s Heart Center, first got involved with the SADS Foundation when she started working at Primary Children’s. “After joining the Heart Center, I was introduced to SADS, and I work with Susan Etheridge, who’s also the Vice President of the board at SADS,” she says.

Mary entered our drawing in October – and after winning, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with the AED. “I had a patient with Long QT Syndrome Type 2 in mind when I entered the drawing,” she says. “Because of issues with insurance, purchasing an AED was not going to be feasible for the family.”

If this family does end up receiving insurance coverage to purchase an AED, Mary plans to use the AED as a loaner or floater in the clinic, where it will help bridge the gap for families who need to purchase an AED as part of their safety plan.

Mary stresses that AEDs can be an important part of a cardiac emergency kit for SADS families – and she’s seen the lifesaving effects of AEDs even outside of her job as a pediatric EP. After having a conversation about the importance of Call, Push, Shock with her husband, he ended up administering these life-saving actions to a work colleague.

“Knowing what to do in a cardiac emergency is so important,” she says.

Thanks to American AED, part of the One Beat Medical & Training Family, for their generous donation of this AED package, including Free Virtual American Red Cross certification courses, for National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month.