On December 21, 2022 I was playing tag with my sisters and neighbors when I collapsed in my neighbor’s yard. Thankfully my friends ran for help after my youngest sister found me unresponsive and blue in the face. 911 was called and I was taken to the hospital where I stayed until Christmas Eve. In the E.R. Is when my parents first heard that my heart was having arrhythmias. When I was in I.C.U. and my parents were able to talk with a cardiologist is when they heard the possibility of me having CPVT. After genetic testing I received the news on January 13th that I had the RYR2 gene change and was diagnosed with CPVT.

My biggest challenge at first was being told that I couldn’t play sports and needed to take it easy until I did a stress test and was properly medicated.

While these four letters, CPVT, have changed my life they have not stopped me from being an active teenager. I encourage you to get genetic testing if you have had symptoms or if you have a family history of heart issues. Also, see an electrophysiologist and get on the right medication for you. I’m on medication, have a Loop Recorder, and an AED, which gives me the opportunity to play sports and enjoy life!

Since my scary event and getting my diagnosis I have learned the importance of CPR and AEDs. I encourage everyone to be trained because you never know whose life you might save because you know how to do CPR and use an AED.