Questions to ask at electrophysiologist/ cardiologist appointments

  1. Why am I consider at this risk level at the current time?
  2. Will my risk level change overtime? Or will the risk level remain the same all the time?
  3. What are the treatment options?
  4. Why am I being started on this particular dosage of beta blocker?
  5. Why is this beta blocker the best one for me compare to the other ones?
  6. If I have a question after my appointment, what is the best way to contact you?
  7. Will I need to have genetic testing? How long does it take to get back results for genetic testing?
  8. What will be done for my kids and other family members?
  9. Is there any specific medications I should avoid with this diagonals?
  10. Are there any specific foods or drinks I should avoid with this diagnosis?
  11. How often will I need to see you and why?
  12. What kinds of tests will be done to determine my diagnosis?
  13. After I get a diagnosis, what kinds of tests will continue to be done to ensure I am protected by current dosage of medication and how often will it need to be done?
  14. What does the genetic test results mean?
  15. Does hormones play a role in the risk factor?
  16. When going through puberty, will I have an increase risk of events?
  17. When going through menopause, will I have an increase risk of events?
  18. Can I continue to participate in sports?
  19. Are the medications safe in pregnancy?
  20. Do I need any precautions if I am thinking of pregnancy?
  21. How will I coordinate care if I am thinking of pregnancy?
  22. Can I still take the medications if I want to breast feed?
  23. How would the medications I am taking affect the baby during pregnancy?
  24. Is there a correlation that during your menstrual cycle you may have more arrhythmia?
  25. Based on the condition I have, will I be at a higher risk of events during postpartum?
  26. Is it ok to take vitamins and other supplements with the current medications I am taking?
  27. Do I have to keep my heart rate below a certain rate while exercising?
  28. Are there any activities I should avoid with this diagnosis?
  29. What restrictions will I have with this diagnosis and why?
  30. Are there precautions to take if I may need other surgeries?
  31. What side effects is possible from the medications I am taking?
  32. Will I have full access to my data so I can meaningful engage in my own health care?
  33. Do you engage a resident therapist/psychiatrist who can help me with coping issues, should they arise?
  34. Are there any support groups I could join either in person or online to talk to others?


For additional support, please email our Family Support Director, Genevie, at