Terry Bishop was nominated as a Heart Hero by his wife, Whitney. He lives with Brugada Syndrome.  Congratulations on being a Heart Hero, Terry!    

Terry has been so strong through this learning experience we have gone through. He is the carrier and 2 of our 5 children, both girls, have Brugada Syndrome. He has shown our girls that fear is okay but God and knowledge are so powerful! He is there every step of the way for our family. He continues to work his bottom off and strives to be an amazing husband and father all while dealing with a life changing heart condition. He continues to show love and support for our girls. He is definitely a hero to them. They know that they are NOT alone on this journey because together they share a bond that not one of us can compare to. He builds them up when they are scared and assured me daily he’s not going anywhere when I am scared!!! He is so stressed all the time and he never lets it show. He is my Heart Hero because he is the rock of this family!!!

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