Cardiogenetic testing is standard of care for people with SADS conditions.

Implement cardiogenetic testing for individuals with SADS conditions or a family history of SADS. Elevate your practice and offer personalized, life-saving care for your patients.

Success Stories

Health History Saves Lives

Family Health History Month encourages families to share their medical history with relatives who may also be affected. Here, we spotlight stories of families in which genetic testing saved lives.

When Cascade Screening Reveals New Information

Genevie’s children have LQTS, which was only discovered through genetic testing. Her youngest daughter had more severe symptoms of LQTS, and went through an extensive testing panel – which is how her husband learned he had LQTS Type 5.

A Rare Cardiac Mutation — and A Life Saved

Madison is one of only 60 people worldwide diagnosed with a rare PPA2 cardiac mutation. She received genetic testing at Johns Hopkins because of symptoms her younger brother experienced before his death.

How Genetic Counseling Impacts Patients

“It was such a positive experience – she helped me understand what the medical terms associated with my genetic variant meant for me now, and what my genetics might mean for me in the future.”

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