SADS at Home

Stuck at home? So are we. Share with us your experiences at home use #SADSathome and tag us.

Here are some ideas for you to share:

Get creative! Pull out the arts and crafts.

Paint something unique, draw on the sidewalk with chalk, even take a picture of anything that makes you happy. We want to know what you and your family are doing to keep busy at home!

Make a short video.

Share with us anything you have learned (like a new hobby), how COVID-19 has affected your life, words of wisdom, or anything you would like to share with the SADS community.

Write for the SADS blog.

Share your experiences by answering some questions about how you have learned to adapt to new situations.

Still out of ideas?

Answers these short questions for our blog and email us at

  • 5Name
  • 5Age
  • 5SADS condition
  • 5How has COVID-19 impacted your way of life?
  • 5What is something you have learned with your time spent at home?
  • 5What activities do you and your family do for fun?
  • 5If you could give anyone one piece of advice, what would you say?
  • 5How has the SADS Foundation helped you during these times?

We will all get through this together!

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for People with SADS Conditions

The SADS Foundation just released a COVID-19 Vaccine statement that recommends that all individuals with SADS conditions receive a vaccination. Review the statement below.