Heart Month

Monday Night Football this past month brought all of us beyond football as we watched the sudden collapse of Damar Hamlin due to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We shared the horror of his teammates and opponents on the field as CPR was performed to bring Damar Hamlin’s heartbeat back. 

At the SADS Foundation, we sprang into action for our families who know this feeling far too well with the following resources. 

  • Provided a virtual support group for individuals triggered by watching Damar’s SCA.
  • Spread CPR/AED awareness through email, social media posts, and a press kit for the media, which reached over 116,000 people.
  • Partnered with Project ADAM to present a School Nurse Forum with 2,574 registrants to provide guidance and answers from the experts to share with those in their communities.
  • Distributed 1,766 School Nurse Packets for nurses to share with teachers, coaches, and administrators.

We provide these resources throughout the year every year, but because of the global attention from this past month, we spent $3,500 beyond our budget to make certain we took advantage of this teachable moment.

Can you help us empower our community to jump into action to save lives as we celebrate Heart Month? Please help us make sure we can provide the needed resources throughout the year to save lives in a cardiac emergency just like Damar’s!

Donate today and you can help us reach our goal of $3,500 by the end of February!