Donor Recognition Wall

The SADS Foundation extends our most heartfelt gratitude to each of our donors! No matter what amount you give, it helps us to provide the critical services that support SADS families and prevent the deaths of young lives. Thank you for helping us to make a difference from the beginning, in the present, and toward the future!

Special Thanks to Our 2023 Donors

Pacesetter $99,999 – $50,000

Fred and Diane Smith


Visionary – $25,000 – $10,000

Arapahoe Credit Union – in memory of William and Brianna Badger

Joanna Bewick
Alan London


The Max Schewitz Foundation

Innovator $9,999 – $1,000

Michael Ackerman, MD
Kelly Airey, MD
Doug Arsham and Jenny Efron
Priscilla and Anthony Beadell
Steve and Peggy Berkebile
Brad and Suzy Berndt
Ellen Boles
Carlos and Lois Ann Bowman
Melanie Buehler
Robert and Rita Campbell, MD
Mary Carr
Sandra Cauley
Scott and Jodi Chaffee
Darren and Mariesol Chamberlain
Amanda Chesser
David Chiaruttini
Steve and Karen Compton
John Contrata
Lee and Caitlin Cooper
Tammy and Chris Costello
Julia Dancy
Glennda Dawley
Chris DeFrancis
Donna Gaul and Russell Bobo


Martin Elias
Susan Etheridge, MD
Kori and Tom Faulkner
Chris and Rebecca Flatters
Penni-Lynn Foley
Patrick and Anne Gallagher
Annette Goben
Todd and Sandra Gorder
Bill and Janet Grube
Tim and Jane Hansen
Dale Irvin though Cigar Peg, Inc.
Carl Kasalek
Nick and Jackie Kochanski
Kristen Kraunelis
Henry Lambert
Andrew Landstrom, MD
Sharon and James Lentino
Robert and Kristen Lopez
Meredith Loveless
Juliette and Jacob Magers
Timothy and Susan Marker
William Mays
Conrad Mihalek

Doug and Angela Parker
Heather Parker
James Peterka
Chris Petty
Rhonda Rand
Hal and Linda Reubens
Lene and Jim Righeimer
Ronda Robinson
Devon Rudloff
Milford Scheer
Maureen and William Schulman
Tommy Schuman Foundation
Linda and Bill Shockley
Michelle and Peter Sollimo
Glenda and LaDonna Stafford
Steele Family Foundation
Judy and Philip To
Nancy Walker
Lamar and Wanda White
Eileen and James Wilkoff
Scott Williams
Cathy and Brian Zbanek

$999 – $500

Keona Allen
Adrienne Auerbach
Mary Ballard
Gail Bartok
Pam Batten
Jodi and Richard Bewick
Kathi and Scott Blum
Avi and Sharon Brender
Gabe Burke
Camille and Stephen Coale
Jeff Coburn
Jeff Crooks and Brynn Dechert Crooks
Rocco DeFilippis
Joanna Degez
Genevie Echols

Mark Greenfield
Joel Greenwald
Phil Howard
Christy Johnson
Hyunja Kenner
Jeffrey Kim, MD
Dennis and Adelyn Klarin
John and Dawn Lambert
Nolan Lambert
Nora Lambert
Anthony and Cathleen Lucatuorto
Sheri and John Miner
Jeffrey Morgan
Jason and Holly Norvell
John and Frances Parker


Marilyn Parsons
Shelley Powers
Andrew Puricelli
Elizabeth Revette
Joan Schrum
Julie Seitter
Steve and Linda Shaffer
Sarah Shaw
Lindsey and Steve Shockley
Mark Solana
Kim Stephens
Karen Stockmal
Benjamin Thompson
Angela Watschke
Regina Welkie

$499 – $250

Samantha Becotte
Gretchen Belsito
Alan Beringsmith
Laurie Brixius
Christopher Carroll
Megan Chang
Victor Cononi
Sandy Cowin
Gaurav and Rachna Desai
Thomas and Carol Eckert
Shannon Everson
Margaret Gargrave
Katherine Hastings


Gina Hilberry
Chris and Kelly Hoffmann
Philip Howard
Lauren Issakainen
Steven Katz
Elizabeth Kaufman, MD
Arif Khan
Dennis and Adelyn Klarin
Rachel Lampert, MD
Debra Little
Justin Maddy
Medical Device Consultants of Ridgewood
Tomi Nolan
Edward and Susan O’Connell
Victoria Pepper
Christine and Dennis Puricelli
Jerome and Debra Schulman
Stephen Shepherd
Jackie Spruill
Katherine Surprenant
Amanda and Lance Thibodeaux
Peter Tiboris
John and Marcia Vidmar
Alison Woods
Marissa Zoladz

$249 – $100

Craig Abod
Nancy Adams
Hazel and Joe Almendinger
Kris and Daniel Almendinger
Kathryn Anderson
Paul and Jeanine Aristy
Kelly Arnold
Glenda Auerbach
Carl Barnes, MD
Carl and Kathryn Barr
Joyce Becotte
Suzanne Bennett
Maryann and Paul Bensi
Gayle Benson
Charles Berul, MD
Jodi and Richard Bewick
Binknell Investments, LLC
Sunshine Bird
Nichole Blake
Robin Bobbitt
John Border
Barry Boudreau
Cordelia and Melvin Brady
Bryan Brock
Janice Budzine
Paul Buffone
Lynn and James Callister
Susan Cappello
William and Patricia Cardasis
Christopher and Sherri Cesare
Pawin Changkiendee
Steven and Stacy Cheredaryk
Christian Ciciarelli
Amy and Robert Cohen
Judith Cole
Jill Collinson
Diane Conjerti
Izzy and Joe Conway
Patricia and Kenneth Croll
Sheryl and Lee Croy
Melissa Dackis
Buddy DeGennaro
Timothy Delaney
Joan Marie Dilger and Jerome Schulman
Susan Dolson
Gail Donsky
Judith Duncan
Paul Dupuy
Wendy and Robby Dykan
Kevin Echols
Leah Edwards
Julia Barrett Eslinger
Kristi Farrow
Stephanie Felgoise, PhD, and Katherine Corri
Mason Ferris
Jim Forester
Shelley Frank
Anne and William Froehlich
Sheila Gabucci
Tom Gibilterra
Charles and Susan Gimarc
Betty Glasheen
Christine and Tom Gokey
Stephanie Gokey

Bridget Golden
Michael and Suzanne Goldstein
Teresa and Shabbir Gomes
Susan Guidry
Alyssa Harben
Vaishali and Matthew Harma
Lynda and Rocky Hatch
Ike Hinman
Diane Hirschbach
Janet and Fritz Hohlt
Babett Horn
Ron Horvitz
Angie Howell
Samuel Hulett
Ann Marie Hunt
Matthew Hunt
Keri and Dan Hurley
Sonja and Pat Hurley
Cassidy Johnson
Christina Johnson
Lyndi Jones
James Kane
Lindsay Kelley
Patricia and Philip Kemp
Kyle Kirchhoff
Ann Kirkwood-Hall
Kenneth Kneipp
Mark and Elaine Kollar
Marilyn Koretz
Marinos Kosmopoulos
Pam and Dale Kottmeier
Stephen Lande
Hien and Theresa Le Family
Tara Lee
Chloe Lucatuorto
Adrian and Lawrence Lustig
Megan Maguire
Sally Maio
Jane Markley
Eric and Andrea Matthias
Darin Mattner
Callie Maxson
Karen and Milton McBride
Jorge McCormack, MD
Susan McGinn
Paul McHugh
Allie McPherson
Lynn and Jim Medaj
Laurel Meininger
Bob and Ana Mellon
Judith Miller
Maureen and James Mitacek
Sarah Mohr
Nadine Shen Molesky
Steven and Marilynn Monahan
Marc Moon
Michele Moyel
Amy and Carl Nathan
Jacqueline Newman
Linda Nolan Long
William and Janice Nordsiek
Gina and Sean O’Donnell
Neil and Judith O’Hanlon
Siobhan O’Leary
Cheryl Olsen Corwin

Robert and Mary Ellen Osterhout
Colleen Parsons
Bharat and Asha Patel
Leslie Paterson
Denise Pellegrino
Valerie and Gary Pemberton
Marissa Pilon
Mark and Margaret Pitluck
Catherine Pohlman
Connie Pound
Chrystal Pozin
Vicki and George Prager
Ellen and Gene Priebe
Kathryn Pruess
Margie and Tom Pullman
Jona and Courtney Quiles
Beth and Michael Respess
Susan Ruhl
John and Cheryl Ruse
Marilyn Ruth
Sheryl Sadinsky
Barbara Safrin
Sayreville Municipal Employees
Barbara and David Schardt
Amy Schnaufer
Deborah and Daniel Schneble
Barry Schully
Jeanette Schumacher
Derrell Sears
Elizabeth Seidler
Harry and Sandra Seivert
Hannah Shulla
Jeanette and Mark Simpson
Sean Smith
Sylvia Smith
Florence and Sheldon Stiefeld
Corrine and Richard Stier
Ted and Marlene Strand
Jill Swinning
Richard Talomie
Angela Tarjick
Jim Teisher
Katherine and Michael Timothy
Craig Tolosky
Melissa Tolosky Russom
Wayne Traina
David and Donna Trimble
Aimmy Tse
Constantine Vasiliadis
Valerie Vivian
Dale Walz
Carol Wendt
Lisa Williams
Gail Wilson
Kirsten Wolf
Lex Wolfe
Mary Yeast
Lawrence Yehle
Sandra and Jamie Yesnowitz
Keith Young
Janet Zappone
Vincent Zappone
Kathryn Zietlow
Charles Zimmer
Carolyn Zuccareno


$99 – $50

Dana Aboulafia
Kathleen and Robert Adelman
Chris and Victoria Allen
Michael and Janice Anderson
Amy Ard
Julie and Raymond Arruda
Barbara Atwood and Peter Eisner
Hunter Bagwell
Joanne and Gary Bakker
Jeff Bare
Barbara Barletta
Janice Barry
Kimberlyn Bauhs
Jennifer Berko
Charlotte Cedotal Blackburn, MD and Wayne Blackburn
Valerie Blevins
Kelly Bode
Karen Boudrie Greig
Catherine Breen
Jenny Buchbinder
Mary Buckley
Joan Burian
Julie Carpenter
Carolyn Chieco
Fabiana Clemente
Marsha and Joel Cohen
Warren Cooley
John Czerniak and Nancy Sprinkles
Yvonne Davis
Meghan DeCuir
Nick Degregorio
Eleanor and Paul DiPietro
Darnelle Lynn Dorsainville
Tara Dorundo
Jesse Douglas
Catherine Dunlay
Adele Eisenbraun
Jodi Engel
Dagny Engilbertsdottir
Mark and Barbara English
Cynthia and Michael Erdey
Sandy Fillion
Patti Flanagan
Charles Frenkel
Ellen Fucich
Keiko Funk


Raymond and Madelyn Garrity
Justine Gerety
Mark Greenberg, MD
Michelle Griffin
Holly Grover
Darcy Hamilton
Kathleen Hannigan
Jessica Harkins
Judy and Thomas Harris
Kenneth and Deborah Harrison
Dianne and Thomas Henderson
James Hendrix
Marilyn and Ronald Herrera
Ryan Herringshaw
Brandi Heslin
Sheila and Ross Hodel
Bob and Carolyn Hoffman
Scott and Samantha Holzberg
Mark Hope
Barbara Howard
Patricia and David Hudson
Andreas Hunn
Nicole Jenkins
Karen Kaluzsa
Keiretsu Forum
Maria and Fred Knecht
Keith and Jacqueline Kochevar
Valerie Kozel
David and Myra Kurkowski
Meredith Lambert
Peter and Stella Lucatuorto
Ellen Lynch
Yasi Mahdi
Nadine Mallick
Richard Mandell
Elizabeth and Paul Mangels
John Matthews
Jena Mattix
Colleen McArdle
Patrick and Mary McCabe
Frank and Laura McDermott
Elaine Mierzwa
Charles and Elaine Miller
Jim and Julia Murphy
Anthony Musci, MD
Linda and Bruce Nicklin
Sandra Nomakeo
Terri North
Tamarra Nuri
Michael Olender
Katie Pahner
Joy and Richard Palmer
Robert Pass, MD
James Patricelli
Kristen Patton, MD
Jennifer Pearson
Edith and William Plotkowski
David and Susan Proulx
Julie Real
Aaron and Christina Renenger
Jocelyn and Justin Repshas
Gilbert Ritt
Kaeli Romero
Merrill Rowell
Megan Rusconi
Janice Scholl
Gary and Jane Schwartz
Denise and Kenneth Sekerak
Elsie Solis
Waraporn Songmuang
Deirdre and Robert Stifler
Jason Stokes
Michelle Sutch
Michael Sweeney
Sophie Tanguay
Sheila and Teresa Tarantino
Nancy Tassin
Nicole Thatcher
April and Joe Thomas
Christine and Donald Thomas
Lisa Tyler
Anna Claire Varnado
Katie Vaughn
John Wales
Joan Walsh and Jennifer Sedillo
Winers & Diners Cooking Club
Philip Witman and Bonnie Perlmutter, MD
Kristi and Brent Yeager
Francine and James Zito
Hani Zreik, MD
Alan and Paula Zuckerman
Marcia Zwolinski

$49 – $25

Kristen Bell
Joan Ellen Berland
Anna and Joshua Bob
Kathryn Boyle
Courtney Brooks
Kathy and Richard Brooks
David Brown
Jason Budreau
Kayla Burnett
Judith and Thomas Chubb
Emily Daniel
Sharon Davidson
Caroll Drazen
D.N. Duke
Jenny Dusenbury
Judith Epstein
Jennifer Garrett
Mary Gavel
Michele Gleitsmann
Cathleen Goebeel
Cheryl Goin
Ann and Michael Grace
Melissa Harding
Karen and Perry Hartranft
Catherine Haubner
Russell Heath
Toni Hecksel

Sudarshan Kasera
Douglas Keyes
Young Kim
Larry and Maureen King
Terese Kinsley
Patricia Klett Totero
Maggie Knaub
Hubert and Veronica Kuhn
Linda Laurie
Michael Lauruhn
Stephanie Lentell
Connie Lopez
John and Cynthia Maddock
Marjorie Maltin EDD
Armen and Mary Mardiguian
Alexsandria Marquez
Frank Miller, MD
Dorothy Nacu
Ali Najafpour
Mary Nerko
Nicole Noble Varick
JoAnn and Vern Okelberry
Djordje Orlovic
Alicia Owens
Di Palmer
Allison and Thomas Parker
Assya and Mario Pascalev


Geraldine and Bruce Paugh
Ronald and Linda Pettigrew
Lauren Pilon
Michelle Prigge
Shanna Quinn
Melinda and Angelo Ratini
Sharon Regnerus
Richard Robbins
Liam Ronan
Stephen and Michelle Rourke
Daiva Semėnienė
Stephen Shea, MD and Jeanne Shea
David Simpson
Joseph Spadafino
Maggie Strain
Maureen and John Teti
Christine Tran
James and Jodi Troussel
Urbana City School
Raphael Wagner
Patricia and Robert Warren
Lawrene and Carol Weberg
Alice and John Westby
Michael Winstanley
Kathleen Zaprowski
Kellie Zastawrny

Under $25

Keona Allen
Batool Almogheer
Kristin Baricevac
Heather Barlett
Judith Baxter
Laura Berry
Nancy Brooks
BethAnn Brown
Eileen Bunn
Colleen Caleshu ScM
Kathryn Caristo-Scalora
Felicia Chandarlis
Candace Collins
Heidi Connelly
Maureen Curran Pastore
Jackie David-Yost
Kristine Dunn
Gretchen Eckstein RN, BSN
Joan Edelstein
Steven and September Estrada
Skyler and Melanie Gardner

Jonathan Ginsberg
Michael Gray
Sara Guarascio
Lesley Hoerner
Kathleen Jagielski
Keianna Joe
Kerry Knight
Candice Krug
Megan Kugler
Donna Kunz
Sean Lashgari
Nicole Latham
Marylou and Al Long
Anne Mckee
Jennifer Meyer
Jill Mitchell
Tim Oliveira
Borislav Pantaleev
Gerald and Sandra Price
Terry Queener
Betty Reaves

Jess Roy
Pamela and Steven Rudloff
Lisa and Scott Sadinsky
Rebecca and Charlie Scheffe
Michael Schnetzer
Kelly Smith
Niicole Smith
Martin Stamper
Joel and Harriette Starr
Karen Sutch McDermott
Camila Takahashi
Jaci Tarlowe
Victoria Tepley
Elizabeth Van Jacob
Lynn Vozella
Walter and Lewis Funeral Home
Andrea Weiser
Kristina and Kyle Weldon
Mark Wendruff
Courtney West
Anna Whitaker
Eli Wilk

SADS Sustainers of Hearts

Jodi and Richard Bewick
Joanna Bewick
Darren and Mariesol Chamberlain
David Chiaruttini
John Contrata imo Brian Anderson
Lee and Caitlin Cooper
Glennda Dawley
Genevie Echols
Tara Filiatreau
Katie Finley
Sonja Grauds

Mary Hardies
Michael Hedden
Larry and Kimberly Horton
Sharad Jaiswal
Nora Lambert
Juliette and Jacob Magers
Amy and Darryl Mansfield
Rhonda Moag
Victoria Pepper
James Peterka
Amy Reeves

Cornelio Reformina
Maureen and William Schulman
Sarah Shaw
Linda and Bill Shockley
Lindsey and Steve Shockley
Earl and Edna Simpkins
Michelle and Peter Sollimo
Robert Stevens
Margaret Jo Swanson
George Welki
Jeralyn Zoch