Happy 90th to Nora Lambert

Happy 90th to Nora Lambert

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Nora Lambert is celebrating her 90th birthday on February 20th during Mardi Gras and this is why she would like you to donate to the SADS Foundation.

My son Matthew was born in 1969; he was the third child. His first three years were absolutely wonderful –he was a fine healthy boy. He suddenly got a rash one day, and I took him immediately to the pediatrician. She said, we won’t give him anything, we’ll see if the rash reacts to powder – which it didn’t. The next week, I took him back, and she gave him an antihistamine. A few days later, he was skipping outside in the yard with his big brother and he suddenly collapsed on the lawn. We took him immediately to the hospital and our pediatrician met us there and kept him overnight. He seemed fine.

This was during Mardi Gras, which is very exciting. The next day we continued to celebrate. We’re at a parade and my son is going down the hall to get water and collapses again. We went back to the doctor, and then to a neurologist, and that became a long series of hit-and-miss appointments. They gave him phenobarbital as a protective measure, which altered his primary school situation – he was lethargic and slow to finish things.

Every time Matthew passed out, we would go to the hospital and he would have all kinds of EKGs. The doctors were looking for clues that didn’t seem to surface. We exhausted everything and followed everyone’s suggestions trying to get to the bottom of it.

Finally in 1979, a miracle happened. I was having lunch with a lady and had a long conversation with her mentioning my son’s situation. About two weeks later, she wrote me a letter and asked me if I had ever been told about prolonged QT syndrome. 

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