Family Health History Month

November is National Family Health History Month!

November is National Family Health History Month, and it’s a great time to talk to your family about your cardiac condition. 

Family Health History Month is a national initiative that encourages families to share their medical history with relatives who may also be affected – and possibly save their lives!

Family Health History Month is particularly important for the SADS community. SADS conditions are genetic – meaning that if you’re affected, people in your family may be affected too (including aunts and uncles, cousins, and extended family).

By reaching out to your family and making them aware of your condition (and the possibility that they could be affected too), you could save the life of a loved one, or even a distant relative!

SADS conditions are treatable, but only if the person affected is diagnosed. Encourage your family members to get screened as soon as possible; if you or a family member need help finding a heart rhythm specialist, click below.

Genetic Testing Survey for Family Health History Month

This month, we’re gathering more information about genetic testing from families affected by a SADS condition. Please take about five minutes to complete one of the surveys below on your experience with genetic testing! Your answers to this brief survey will help SADS improve genetic testing and counseling for more families. Your information is confidential. Survey results will be reported in aggregate only– see our privacy policy for more information. 

How can I participate in Family Health History Month?

Join our webinar on genetic testing and variants of unknown significance (VUS) on November 21. 

Gather Your Family Health History to learn who might be affected in your family.

Know your family gene – and learn more about genetic testing.

Talk with your family members and let them know about your SADS condition (see tips below).

What do your family members need to know?

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