November is National Family Health History Month — Take the Pledge!

November is National Family Health History Month, and it’s a great time to talk to your family about your cardiac condition. Family Health History Month is a national initiative that encourages families to share their medical history with relatives who may also be affected – and possibly save their lives! Click here to learn more about Family Health History Month.

This Family Health History Month, I Take the Pledge:


I take the pledge, because I am an advocate for my family’s health.


I take the pledge, because the best gift I can give my family is the gift of knowledge.

For these reasons, and so many others … I pledge to focus on keeping my family safe, healthy, and informed about our heart condition this Family Health History Month.

Every week for four weeks, I’ll take time to make my family’s health a priority by pledging to:

Week 1

Fill out a registry form to learn more about who’s at-risk in my family.

Week 2

Talk to potentially affected family members about steps they can take to stay safe. Start your Family Health History (pedigree).

Week 3

Sign up for our Genetic Testing Webinar. Learn more about genetic testing here.

Week 4

Share with others what I’ve learned.


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