National CPR & AED Awareness Week

Did you know you can triple a victim’s chance of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) when you perform CPR and use an AED?

Each year, we dedicate the first week of June to raising awareness about the importance of knowing what to do if someone around you goes into cardiac arrest. The best way to remember these life-saving steps is to:


Call 911 for emergency assistance


Push as hard and fast as you can on the victim’s chest until someone comes to help


Shock the victim using the nearest AED by turning it on and following the voice prompts

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Participate in CPR & AED Awareness Week

Want to help us raise awareness? We have lots of easy ways for you to be a part of CPR & AED Awareness Week!

Join our CPR & AED Training

 A 45-minute webinar by OneBeat Medical and SADS Foundation will include a demonstration of how to do CPR and use an AED in an emergency situation.

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Reach out to your local media station with your CPR and AED story by contacting us – we’ll provide you with everything you need.

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Spread Awareness With Us

By posting graphics and sharing your story, YOU can make a huge difference and help us spread the word about the importance of CPR and AEDs

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Watch Dr. Mike Ackerman, Richard Lamphier, RN from Project S.A.V.E., and Adrian Olmos, Director of Patient Advocacy at LifeSure Home AED Solutions, answer questions about AEDs and how to perform CPR.

Tips to prevent sudden cardiac death in young people:

Want to help us raise awareness? We have lots of easy ways for you to be a part of CPR & AED Awareness Week!

Additional Resources

A national collaborative movement with a mission to motivate bystander CPR/AED action and increase sudden cardiac arrest survival.

Simon’s Heart CPR Jukebox

Move to the beat of your favorite 100 beat per minute song.

Project ADAM

School CPR & AED Resources

Project SAVE: Claire’s Story

When 17-year-old Claire Crawford went into sudden cardiac arrest during a high school volleyball game, she was fortunate to have trained teachers and staff there to save her life.

Read Our CPR & AED Stories

Sarah Katz was a beloved junior at the University of Pennsylvania. Since she was a little girl, she was involved in CPR and AED awareness advocacy – and always wanted to help others learn how to save a life.

Learn more about Sarah’s life and legacy.

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Our appreciation is extended to One Beat Medical for sponsoring National AED & CPR Awareness Week.