CPR and AED Training to Save Lives

Diagnosed with Long QT syndrome at age 5 after having a seizure in the middle of a swimming lesson, Sarah was placed on beta blockers and had continued clean bills of health. That’s why her family was in total shock when they lost her at age 21 to an SCA. Sarah had always been so responsible with her health.

Sarah Katz was a beloved junior at the University of Pennsylvania. Since she was a little girl, she was involved in CPR and AED awareness advocacy – and always wanted to help others learn how to save a life.

Sarah was a Red Cap ambassador with the American Heart Association (AHA), where she taught CPR in high schools and underserved communities and organized teams for the Wall Street Run & Heart Walk. In recognition of her efforts, Sarah received awards from the AHA in 2013 and 2015. 

She also worked with Project ADAM and at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a research assistant – and introduced a bill to Pennsylvania state legislators advocating that all Pennsylvania schools become certified heart-safe spaces. She was in the process of bringing CPR training to Penn; her school friends carried on her efforts and held a CPR certification class after she passed away.

Sarah doing CPR training with Dr. Vicki Vetter of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Watch this video of 12-year-old Sarah showing others how to use AEDs – and why they’re so important

Sarah is deeply missed by her friends, parents, and community – who believe her message of CPR and AED awareness is more important than ever. In honor and memory of beloved Sarah, please learn CPR and AED in her honor or donate below to help us take action and make an impact in her memory.