As a volunteer, you can help more families receive a life-saving diagnosis, more medical professionals learn about SADS conditions, more kids experience a safe school environment, more individuals with a SADS condition realize they are not alone, and strengthen the SADS community.

Are you a social media maven? Activist? Writer? Networker? Champion for what you believe in? Any of the above? Then we’d love to have you join us as a volunteer.

Social Media Ambassador

Got followers? Use your social media influence to get the word out – we’ll provide you with everything you need. By sharing our posts and your own experiences, you can help us create a world in which SADS conditions are more commonly known.

Advocacy Volunteer

You can promote changes to federal legislation or promote new legislation by joining forces with us and other advocates across the country to raise awareness of SADS conditions, put the spotlight on the issues that are important to our community, and advance policies to help create a brighter future for people living with cardiac conditions like yours.

School Nurse Champions

Join our national effort to raise awareness of SADS among school nurses. We’ll arm you with the materials and training to effectively communicate with other school nurses, who are first-line protectors of our children’s health.

Fundraising Volunteer

Are you interested in helping us raise funds to support our families so they can live and thrive despite their diagnosis? Community fundraisers not only raise much-needed funds for the SADS Foundation – they also raise awareness.

Media Outreach Volunteer

Share your story with your local community! When you become a Media Outreach Volunteer, you’ll get updates on the best times to pitch your story to the media – and all the materials you need to make an impact.

Billboard Volunteer

We designed our billboard campaign with a simple goal: to make sure that as many people as possible know that fainting can be a potential warning sign of a cardiac condition, so they can ask their doctor about their heart and get a diagnosis. Help us spread this critical message by placing a billboard in your community!