Honor Your Doctor

Support Medical Education Today

Support the SADS Foundation Medical Education Programs and You Can Honor Your Doctor Also!

Does your doctor or the doctor of your loved ones’ ALWAYS do the following?

  • NListen to you as part of the decision-making team.
  • NProvide clear explanations and answer questions and in an easy-to-understand style.
  • NProvide resources (including a referral to the SADS Foundation) to support your daily lives.
  • NConsult with a specialist when unsure of diagnosis, care or treatment.

Especially during the current pandemic, the SADS Foundation is staying abreast of the latest in research and practices so that we may provide the most current and relevant services for health care professionals. We are making it a priority to not only offer education activities and materials, but to work closely with key physicians in our field through our Medical Education Committee, Scientific Advisory Council, Physician Referral Network, and Research Committee.

Your financial contribution helpt to cover the more than $300,000 it takes to provide medical education services – thank you for your generosity!!