Healing Wall

Alanna Kathleen- Bright, beautiful, outgoing, full of life and so very special. This incredible girl is four years old and is thriving as she lives with long QT. Her sassy personality lights up a room wherever she goes.

Alanna was diagnosed at 2 months old through genetic testing with LQTS2. She is treated with beta blockers and carries an AEd with her wherever she goes! ( she even has a super special rolling backpack!). Even at such a young age, Alanna is aware of how unique her heart is and she is not shy about sharing that with others! She thinks it is pretty special to have a matching heart to her momma! She does what every other 4 year old does — but with just a little extra precaution taking my mama and daddy 🙂 She thrives because, although aware of her condition, she knows she has amazing doctors who God put here to take care of “special hearts” and keep them safe!