1. In the event I should get therapy (shock) from the ICD, what should I do? Should I just call the office and wait for response? Should I go to the ER?
  2. Did I have any episodes? If yes, what rhythm was I in when those episodes happen? What is going to done to prevent it from happening again?
  3. If you receive therapy (shock) from the ICD that is inappropriate, what caused it to happen? What preventative measures would be done to prevent it from happening again?
  4. If your settings get change, what are the changes? Why is there a need for the change?
  5. How much battery is left on the ICD?
  6. How does the remote monitoring work?
  7. What time is the ICD set to transmit every night?
  8. What kinds of alerts are on the ICD and how will it sound or feel?
  9. How much battery does the ICD lose for every shock I get?
  10. Do I need to bring the home monitor with me when I travel?
  11. is it safe to go through metal detectors with ICD?
  12. If I receive therapy (shock) while pregnant, will the baby be harm in anyway?
  13. ICD are MRI safe now, does it need to be put in a special mode before getting MRI?
  14. What are the procedures I need to take if I would like to request my ICD be turn off when I am nearing end of life?
  15. Does the ICD need to ex planted when I pass away?
  16. How long does the lead (s) last?
  17. How long should I wait after surgery before returning to normal activities?
  18. How many joules is the shocks set to?
  19. How long does the generator (battery) last for before needing a replacement?
  20. If the incision gets itchy after surgery, is there anything I can put on it?
  21. Does my ICD keep a tally of how many PVC’s I get per day?
  22. What is rate responsive pacing? Do I have rate responsive pacing on my ICD and is this feature on or off  on the ICD and why?