1.  What kind of anesthesia would be use and why?
  2. What antibiotics are going to be use to prevent infection?
  3. If I am allergy to certain antibiotics, what alternatives will be used?
  4. Is the same incision going to be use?
  5. Is the ICD going to be in same spot and pocket?
  6. How long is the surgery going to take?
  7. How long should I take off from work or school for the surgery?
  8. Is the ICD going to be the same brand I currently have? If switching to another brand ask why for the change?
  9. Some hospitals return the ex planted device to manufacturer and other hospitals don’t, so you can ask: Can I request to have the ICD that is going to be ex planted return to me? What are the procedures I have to do in order to get back the ex planted device (if the hospital returns it back to manufacturer)?
  10. What is going to be use to close up the incision?
  11. Will I be able to shower after the surgery?
  12. Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital?
  13. Is the settings going to remain the same? If not, why does it need to change?
  14. How much pain will I be in after the surgery?
  15. What pain meds will be given to ease my pain?
  16. How should I prepare before the surgery?
  17. Should I take my meds the morning of the procedure?
  18. What are the benefits and risks of getting the leads extracted versus leaving the leads in place and capping it?
  19. What are the benefits and risks of  leaving the leads in place and capping it instead of extracting them?
  20. How many lead extractions have you done?
  21. What determines if the lead (s) need to be replace?
  22. Will you already know if the leads will stay in place? Or will that be decided during the procedure?