Annie Lucatuorto, daughter of Cathleen and board member Anthony,  had a cardiac arrest while swimming at a YMCA when she was ten years old. After genetic testing revealed LQTS, he got in touch with the SADS Foundation – and had other family members tested, resulting in several other diagnoses in the family. “The SADS Foundation is our rock,” says Anthony.  “They have been a source of information, comfort, support, and the gateway that has provided us the opportunity to meet other families who share our journey.”

Anthony sits on the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee for the SADS Foundation, where he helps us guide our Family Support services for other families – like yours. And Annie – who’s now in law school – is a media volunteer for the SADS Foundation, and helps us spread awareness. “The SADS Foundation has been like a lighthouse for my family,” says Annie. 

“We were in the dark, and they brought us into the light.”From helping find answers after a sudden death, to locating a physician with SADS expertise in your area, to helping you live & thrive despite your diagnosis through webinars and support groups, the SADS Foundation is here for you – no matter where you are on your journey.