Nora Lambert, 87 years old!

As told by Nora:

Here in New Orleans where the virus is rampant, a doctor (Cory Herbert) reviews things each day on one of our top TV channels. For the first time ever, I heard a reference to Long QT Syndrome. He said it so fast with regard to drugs being tried out for something or other I didn’t catch it all. But, I was thankful to hear it, of course.

Heavens only knows what will happen here as tourism is our largest industry. Everything is called off and I wonder even about Mardi Gras next year. That would be like calling off Christmas!!

I think it will be a long time before we feel comfortable in a crowd, even in a plane or airport. As a child, I remember the fear of Polio and never thought that would be solved with a sugar cube. When the first ones were offered in 1959, John and I rushed to the school where they were being distributed. My in-laws thought we were mad to take such a chance, and it was just 60 years ago that this problem was solved.  Let’s hope a vaccine will be developed soon to end this worldwide massacre sparing very few  and disturbing everyone’s peace of mind and safety. Time for lots of prayers for sure.