Name: Daiana
Age: 21
Which SADS Condition do you have? Long QT Syndrome
When were you diagnosed? Age 17
How are you treated? Beta blockers

How/when were you diagnosed?  I was diagnosed when I was 17 years old.  
What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in living with your diagnosis?  My biggest challenge has been too many hospitalizations. 
What is one positive thing that has come out of your diagnosis? I have learned to be strong and brave.  
What encouragement or advice would you give someone who has just been diagnosed with your condition?   The best advice I would give to people that are first diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome:  Always take your medication.  Never give up.   Be strong and courageous.  You can fight this battle.
What does your day-to-day life look like?  My day-to-day life looks normal, except for when I go to cardiology appointments every 6 months with my cardiologist in Modesto and at Stanford Hospital.  
What are your favorite hobbies and activities? My favorite hobbies are going to church and being an alter server , spending time with my friends, spending time with my grandma and grandpa, going out to lunch, playing soccer, snowboarding, running, working out, doing volunteer work at church,  listening to music, and reading my Bible.  

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