Sue thanking her hero’s at McCall Fire and Police Department

My husband and I were up at our cabin in McCall, ID on August 7, 2020.  My husband, Steve, had just come inside after working in the yard and I was apparently making toast in the kitchen when I told him I felt like I was going to pass out.  (I don’t remember anything about the event). He ran around the counter and caught me as I went down.  I started turning blue and stopped breathing.  After quickly opening the front door for the EMTs and calling 911, he placed the phone on speaker and started CPR.  The paramedics arrived quickly and shocked me back to life. I was then flown down to the larger hospital in Boise, ID, where I stayed for 4 days.  During that time, I had an ICD implanted due to my Long QT.  (I had an ICD years ago, but it had been removed in 2007 due to an infection, and not replaced.  Some doctors back then felt that maybe I didn’t really have Long QT, but it is now a definite diagnosis and hopefully, soon I can have gene testing to verify which kind I have).

I’m so thankful that even though my husband hadn’t had CPR training for many years, those lessons came back to him in an emergency!  I’m also grateful to our local McCall Fire and Police departments for their quick response.  I was able to go back up to McCall 7 weeks later and thank my heroes at the Fire Department.