Help researchers learn more about clinical outcomes in athletes diagnosed with cardiac conditions.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of sudden death in competitive athletes during sports and exercise. However, the natural history and risk profile of cardiac disorders among athletes is incompletely understood.

This study will examine the shared decision-making process and monitor cardiovascular outcomes, sports and physical activity levels, mental health, and quality of life in athletes with cardiac conditions. This is a registry study, meaning researchers will collect data from young athletes with cardiac disorders over time to learn more about the condition.

The collection of more complete outcomes data will improve management of athletes diagnosed with a cardiac condition and inform safe sports participation.

Any competitive (high school, collegiate, semi-professional, professional, elite, national) athlete age 14-35 who has a cardiovascular diagnosis associated with sudden cardiac arrest is eligible – this includes ARVC, LQTS, WPW, CPVT, and Brugada Syndrome.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age 14 to <35 at time of enrollment
  • Eligible cardiac diagnosis or eligible borderline finding (diagnosed at any time)
  • Participating in competitive sport (high school, collegiate, semi-professional, professional, elite, national) at time of enrollment or within the last 2 years, including athletes that returned to sport, stopped voluntarily, or were excluded from sport