Reproductive Decision-Making

Researchers at NYU are interested in learning more about how a SADS condition in you or your family is affecting your family planning choices. The information gained from participants in this study can help us better understand the needs of families and couples, and help them with better counseling and options. How has your SADS condition affected your family planning decisions? Researchers at NYU are studying family planning choices in SADS families to help improve options for families in the future!

Your participation will help researchers understand the unique challenges and needs of SADS families when it comes to family planning. It will also help researchers improve counseling for SADS families in the future.

What is involved for people who join?

You will be asked to complete an anonymous survey about your conditions and your family planning choices. This is a one-time only survey, without follow up. The survey should take 10 minutes to complete. You can answer all questions or skip any questions you want.