Sport S-ICD Study

If you have an implanted S-ICD (subcutaneous defibrillator) and you engage in recreational or competitive sports, you are invited to participate in The Sport S-ICD Study. This study is open to international participation!

Published data suggests that participation in sports activities is safe for patients with an implanted defibrillator. However, these data were collected for patients with implanted transvenous–ICDs. Therefore, little is known about the safety of sports with an S-ICD.

The Sports S-ICD Study is an international multicenter registry collecting information about the safety of sports for patients with an implanted S-ICD.

If you have an implanted S-ICD, you exercise regularly and you would like to receive additional information about study participation, please fill out her form below:


Eligibility Criteria

This study is for those patients with an implanted S-ICD as their first implanted device, who continue to exercise regularly and actively participate in competitive or recreational sports with a sport-intensity above a predefined level.

Additional Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Patient (male or female) is <60 years of age.
  2. Patient has an implanted with a new-generation S-ICD [Boston Scientific EMBLEM, Generations 2 (model A209), 3 (A219) or newer].
  3. Present device is the first defibrillator implanted.
  4. Patient has a functioning LATITUDE™ Home-Monitoring-System at home, knows how to use it and sends weekly reports via the home-monitoring system.
  5. Patient actively participates in sport activities above a predefined level of exercise.