A Challenging Case?

Diagnosing and managing patients with potentially life threatening channelopathies can be challenging and often complex. Get advice…

Your challenging clinical case and questions can be reviewed by our expert scientific advisory panel. SADS medical advisors can provide suggestions on what treatment or next steps should be tried – based on published clinical evidence and experience.

This was so, SO helpful! I was heartened to see that some of the things I was worried about were noted by your amazing scientific advisors.

– Quote from a recent physician submitter

How to get help with your difficult case

Email your case to Alice@sads.org in a PowerPoint format.
Please include the following information:

  • HPI
  • Family history (including pedigree if available)
  • Clinical course including current management
  • Supporting studies (EKGs, MRI, echo, genetics)
  • Specific questions for our medical experts

Email us about your case