We know that having a heart condition while considering starting a family, or while pregnant, can create extra challenges and questions for our SADS community. You may be looking for resources to help educate your doctor – or just answer questions like, what are the chances my child might have a SADS condition? And is it safe to stay on my medication while pregnant? Read below for the latest research and updates about pregnancy with a SADS condition.

Watch the recording of Pregnancy: Patient Perspectives Webinar on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:30 PM ET to hear from a panel of SADS moms – where you can hear their experience with pregnancy & SADS and get your questions answered.

Past Webinars and SADS Live

Catch up with  our past webinar and SADS live where we talk about Pregnancy and SADS Conditions.

SADS Live: Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Journey with Inherited Arrhythmia

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Guidelines for Pregnancy – for Each Condition

You might be wondering if your specific SADS condition has any particular guidelines that you should follow during pregnancy.

Check these videos explaining pregnancy guidelines for ARVC, Brugada, CPVT, HCM and LQTS.

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