SADS School Nurses Webinar

SADS Safe Schools Webinar for School Nurses

SADS Safe Schools Webinar for School Nurses is designed to teach you the basics of SADS conditions, including how to recognize warning signs, how to identify a “vanilla faint” vs. a “SADS faint” and view prolonged QT intervals on a sample EKG. You will also learn about SADS available resources for school nurses, such as care plans, and sample cardiac emergency plans.

Speaker: Brynn Dechert-Crooks, MSN, CPNP, CCDS, FHRS

Ms Dechert received her master in science of nursing at Loyola University Chicago in 2004 and has worked with pediatric arrhythmia patients since that time. In her current role at the University of Michigan, she cares for patients with sudden death conditions, children and adolescents with arrhythmias and those with pacemakers and ICDs. In addition to her clinical role, she has multiple research interests in pediatric patients with arrhythmias and sudden death conditions. Ms. Dechert is a board member of the SADS Foundation and is a SADS Foundation Medical Education Committee member.

SADS has a packet of materials to help you better understand SADS conditions as well as how to care for students with a SADS condition. School health professionals also receive a teacher and a coach flyer as we ask them to distribute materials to teachers and coaches.