Here is my story – after a brief fainting episode during an exercise class 3 years ago I wound up getting a stress test and noticed my own ST segments looked funny. That led to an ECG that demonstrated a QTc of 513 and a new diagnosis of long QT syndrome. I started nadolol and had very low heart rates and went in to get a pacemaker to tolerate my beta blocker and had my first documented Torsades in the electrophysiology lab. Best place ever to have Torsades! That led to an upgrade to an ICD, genetics came back positive for LQTS type 2 and 2 of my 4 kids were genetically positive as well. I remember the moment when my world changed. I was the healthiest person I knew, running 7 minute miles and training for a half marathon, and now, I had an congenital arrhythmia that could potentially kill me and 2 of my kids at any moment. How could I go forward?  What helped was you guys, support from those that had already been there. Clearly this makes me a better doctor,  to be able to understand how it truly feels to live those worst moments, the ones where life is never the same again. I get it. And so, this blog. It is here for you. To answer the questions that keep you up at night. The ones that your kids and my kids ask at the dinner table so casually that they break your heart. Let’s answer them the best that we can, with the evidence we have from both life and literature as a doctor, a mother and a patient. We want to hear your thoughts and questions. Please post comments and questions and we will address them in blog posts based on needs assessed.