Inherited Arrhythmias Webinar Series

Genetic Counseling and Testing: Your Questions Answered!

This free webinar took place on Tuesday April 18, 2017, at 11:00am PST/2pm EST. Topics covered included:

  • who should be tested?
  • what do my results mean?
  • how do I get my family tested?
  • how much will it cost?

In addition to information from our speakers, one of our SADS family members talked about their journey through the process of diagnosis and testing for their family.  There are questions and answers at the end of the presentation.

Speaker: Erin Milller, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor, Heart Institute at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Erin Miller is a licensed genetic counselor in the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Her clinical activities are focused in the arena of cardiovascular genetics with specific interests in pediatric cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia and aortopathy. Research interests include the impact of clinical genetic testing and cardiac screening recommendations on family members, genotype-phenotype correlations, and the integration of cardiovascular genetic counseling and evaluation into clinical cardiology care.

Erin is currently serving as the lead genetic counselor for the NIH/NHLBI funded study lead by Dr. Steven Lipshultz, ‘Genotype-phenotype correlations in pediatric cardiomyopathy’. Erin also has an interest in training and education and serves as a clinical supervisor and research advisory committee chair for the University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Graduate Program. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and Cardiovascular Special Interest Group.

Speaker: Benjamin Feldmann, MS, MB (ASCP)CM

Manager of General Genetic Specialists, Ambry Genetics

Ben Feldmann manages Ambry’s General Genetic Specialist team and is responsible for providing clinical education and technical support for all non-oncology sections of Ambry’s test menu.  Ben received his BS degree in Biology from Xavier University and an MS in Molecular Diagnostic Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has held previous positions at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in pulmonary biology research and the cardiovascular genetics clinical diagnostic lab.  He is a board certified member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology.  Ben has a interest in the genetics of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac arrest.

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