What Now?

We know that receiving a SADS diagnosis can be very overwhelming – and we’re here to help. Whether you suspect that you may have a SADS condition, or have a diagnosis already, you’ll find helpful information here about living with a SADS condition. Remember: with diagnosis and appropriate treatment, those of us with SADS conditions can live healthy, normal lives – and thrive.

If you suspect a SADS Condition:

Find a doctor.
Use our physician referral network to make sure you have a SADS expert for your care.
Stay safe while waiting.
Check out this list of things to do to stay safe and healthy while you are waiting for your appointment.
Don’t miss any of these important steps in your SADS journey to living and thriving.

Genetic Testing

Tell Your Relatives

Reach Out for Support

If you think you or a family member may have a SADS condition, this can be a scary time.
The SADS Foundation is here for you, please contact us or call 801-948-0654.

Please Take a Moment

You and your family can help us make medical advances, and improve care for other SADS families, by spending just ten minutes filling out our Family Registration. Please take a moment to help us support and encourage vital research in the scientific community to help end SADS. We’ll also keep you and your family informed about new research opportunities in the future. Thanks for helping us make an impact and stop SADS!

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